Meridian Chart
12 Meridian & Five Element Reference Guide
Meridian Chart
Meridian & Five Element Chart

Meridian Therapy

The aim of complementary medicine is BALANCE. Meridian Therapy is no exception. Meridian Therapy is concerned with the balance between all body organs, emotions and spirit or elements, which encompass all of the above..
The aim of Reflexology and Acupressure is to keep the body's vital energy flowing, eliminating blockages, energy loss or stagnation. These therapies are also responsible for stimulating the body's own healing potential not only to heal itself but also to prevent future imbalances.

Meridian Therapy uses the Five Element Theory to:
1. Determine where the balance has broken down.
2. Determine the underlying cause of the imbalance.
3. Determine the treatment protocol.

Meridian Therapy extends the scope of Reflexology enormously. It leads to the discovery of exciting additional helper areas to add to your treatment protocol, e.g. in the case of infertility one would generally work the Reproductive and Endocrine System Reflexes as well as the Spinal Reflex according to the Western physiological model, but according to the Eastern model the Kidney Reflex would be of paramount importance to add to your tool box.

Meridian Therapy is a very important aspect of complimentary healing as it adds depth and insight into many conditions previously not fully understood.