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11" by 6.25", Laminated eight page folding guide
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Laminated Reference Guide

This is a unique guide designed especially for Reflexologists who are interested incorporating meridians into their practice. It is a laminated eight page folding guide and measures 6.25" wide and 11" high.

It has detailed diagrams tracing the pathways of the meridians through the reflexes on the sole of the foot. It give a details account of the pathology associated with each aspect of the meridian.

It also has a section illustrating the organ diagrams of the Five Star cycles.
The symptoms of deficiency and excess for each cycle are discussed. The deficiency symptoms are discussed under the Yin organ of the Element and the excess symptoms under the Yang organ. This section explains the organ interactions of the Five Elements in detail.

The time clock, associated muscles, senses organ and manifestations of each Element are also described.