Meridian Chart
Selenite Reflex Wand

Wand Reflex Technique ™

The WAND REFLEX™ is the term used for the underlying or causative factor of a particular problem. (Medial knee pain - causative factor, the spleen. The spleen meridian runs along the medial side of the knee.) The spleen reflex becomes the WAND REFLEX™. There is a deep, pinpoint area within the spleen reflex which is the WAND REFLEX™. It is often very difficult to locate with the thumb or finger. Therefore, a wand is used to locate this pinpoint area. I have found that a wand made of selenite is an excellent tool for this purpose. It not only locates the point, but also has inherent healing qualities. In some cases the knuckle can also be used to locate this pinpoint area. The “WAND REFLEX™” forms the cornerstone of the treatment protocol. The determination of the WAND REFLEX™ is based on the following factors: Basic co-ordinates of the Five Elements, location, climatic conditions, constitutional type, and the client intake form.

Depending on the information available to the practitioner, several options regarding a treatment plan are possible. For example, if the only information available to the practitioner is that the client’s knee feels worse in damp weather, as Dampness is associated with the spleen, the WAND REFLEX™ is the spleen. Local acu-points such as Sp 9 and 10 may be used as well as the reflexology treatment using the knee, hip and lower spine reflexes. Each treatment is based on the available information from the client and the assessment process.